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HIWCF work closely with accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and professional advisers whose clients are interested in:

  • Leaving a legacy or gift in their will
  • Transferring the burden of running a charitable trust
  • Setting up a Named Fund
  • Setting up an "in memoriam" fund

Corporate Donors

HIWCF offers similar support to corporate donors of all sizes from Ford Motor Company to Red Funnel Ferries, who have an interest in corporate giving back to their local community putting their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies into practice. Increasingly employers, investors, key suppliers and stakeholders want to see companies putting something back into the local community.

Charitable Trusts

HIWCF have in-depth experience of merging with, or taking over the management of existing charitable trusts which may be ineffective or in difficulty identifying suitable beneficiaries or attracting new trustees whilst maintaining the original name and charitable objects of the settlor. We provide a range of services from grant-making to all legal, Charity Commission and accounting responsibilities, with the original trustees remaining involved as much or as little as they wish.

To find out more about working with Professional Advisers, please click here for our 'Working In Partnership with Professional Advisers' document.

Professional Advisers 2017


1. Maximum impact

We use our local knowledge to ensure that your local giving will make a difference in your community.

2. Complete Flexibility

You decide which community projects you would like to support. 

3. Thought-free

We administer your fund including due diligence, accounting and reporting to the Charity Commission.

4. Active engagement

We organise visits to local community projects so you can meet the local causes you are supporting and see the value of their work.

5. Investment management

Our professional investment managers build the value of your fund.

6. Regular feedback

We keep donors updated on the performance of their fund and provide a comprehensive annual statement.

7. Value for money

We are a non-profit charity and provide a comprehensive level of service to our fund holders for a small contribution towards our core running costs.

8. Long-term effectiveness

Setting up an endowment fund can help to make a real difference to local communities, now and for years to come. 

9. Independent and impartial

Our agenda is to help you ensure that your local giving makes a lasting impact in the areas that you care about most.

10. Individual and personal

Every fund established is individual to us and personal to you. Your fund is made-to-measure, to suit your circumstances and to meet your local giving priorities.