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Vital Signs gathers data and publishes reports on social and economic trends to tell the story of how communities are faring in key quality of life areas. Community foundations use this critical knowledge to set strategic priorities, inform community grantmaking, guide community engagement, and start conversations with local leaders and partners.


As a community foundation that manages significant funds on behalf of local people, businesses, government and other charitiable organisations, we conduct Vital Signs as a check-up. We want to measure the vitality of our communities, identify trends, and highlight areas which our research indicates are critical to quality of life and the social priorities for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


We produce a full Vital Signs report every three years, with the next full report scheduled for 2017. During 2015 and 2016 we have published special interim reports.


In 2016 we worked with Action Hampshire to produce an interim Vital Signs report on fraud in the home against vulnerable older people living in our community. Fraudsters are now reaching directly into peoples homes through cyber-crime, bank card crime and the more traditional methods of postal and doorstep crime in order to steal people's funds and savings. Our Vital Signs survey showed us that 76% of people aged 65 or over are worried about scamming affecting their household in our community.

Vital Signs 2016 has two reports.

The full Vital Signs 2016 report - please click here to read.

The summary Vital Signs 2016 report - please click here to read.


In 2015 we reported on older people and isolation, the challenges of homelessness and mental health and substance misuse, all closely linked, and identified in last years Vital Signs survey as major concerns for our local communities.

The interim reports are just a 'snapshot' of the subject and highlight some of the key statistics and reports on the opinions of local people living in our communities. 


Click here to download the 2015 report

 Vital Signs Front Cover


In addition we have produced a profile report for the Isle of Wight covering the following key areas: 

  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Education and Learning
  • Environment
  • Fairness & Equality
  • Health Living
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Local Economy 
  • Safety
  • Strong Communities
  • Work  

Click here for a profile of the Isle of Wight

Our priority for Hampshire and the isle of wight is targeting support to the areas of greatest need.  

For more information please email marketing@hantscf.org.uk or call on 01256 776116


The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation published its first full Vital Signs Report in 2014

Vital Signs 2014 has two reports.

The full report - Vital Issues

(Please click on the image to download the full report)

Vital Issues Front Cover

The summary report - Vital Signs

(Please click on the image to download the summary report)  

Vital Signs Summary Cover Reduced

The 12 themes we focused on were: 

    • The local economy
    • Education & learning
    • Arts,culture & heritage
    • The environment
    • Work
    • Healthy living
    • Safety
    • Housing & homelessness
    • Strong communities
    • Fairness
    • Rural & transport 


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