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Cockleshell Heroes Youth Group – Funded by Portsmouth City Community Fund 2014

The Cockleshell Heroes Youth Group provides adventure based expeditions for 16 to 23 year olds. They run challenging expeditions to France, following in the footsteps of 10 Royal Marines who embarked on a courageous and daring mission during World War 2. The project introduces young people to a new sport and a healthy life style and helps them to travel and experience another culture. From the moment they sign-up until they finally step out of their kayaks at Bordeaux they will have been exposed to ALL of these things.

The Co-ordinator, Ray Cooper tells us: "The young people who access our project are from deprived areas, where often the only team building on the streets where these people live often is in a street gang with all the negative habits and beliefs they instil. From previous trips the individuals outlooks have changed for the better and they understand how important it is to help others and to try your best in whatever you do. From benefiting the individual we hope to make a small benefit to society."

One of the parents told us:

"Since the trip we now have a problem, having waved off our BOY we must now learn to live with a young MAN in the house", his grand parents comment was "This is the grandson we always dreamed of having."