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Whether you are an individual, company or charitable trust there are many ways you can help to support your local community.

At the heart of our Community Foundation is a growing endowment fund that provides income in perpetuity for grant-making to local community projects that are viable, well-managed and which will make a genuine difference.

Regardless of your local giving budget, we have flexible solutions to enable everyone to build funds to support their communities. 


Donors can create a named fund to support deserving local projects in their area according to criteria set by the donor. A fund can support a geographical area or cause close to the donor's heart or a company's CSR policy. This is a low-cost alternative to setting up your own charitable trust.

acorn fundS

Donors can gradually build up to a named fund, without having to donate a lump sum upfront. From just £250 a month you can build a lasting fund to support local causes that you care about. 

giving circles

Local groups can come together to form Giving Circles, pooling their resources, learning about their community and it's needs and deciding collectively where to give their money.       

flow-through funds 

If you already have a charitable trust fund or money set aside for community giving, we can provide you with a low-cost comprehensive grant-making service. We currently run grant programmes for Comic Relief, Hampshire County Council, The Police and Crime Commissioner's Office and First Wessex Housing Association.

leave a legacy

This is a way of embracing the whole community for years to come.  Instead of leaving a donation to a single charity or cause, we can help you support your community in accordance with your wishes and ensure that your legacy always reaches the heart of the community where it is most needed.

make a one off donation

You can make a one-off donation to any of our community funds and we will ensure your donation provides support for your local community projects.


Please click here for details of the HIWCF Fund Holder Service.

10 reasons for giving through HIWCF

1. Maximum impact

We use our local knowledge to ensure that your local giving will make a difference in your community.

2. Flexibility

You decide which community projects you would like to support. 

3. Trouble-free

We administer your fund including due diligence, accounting and reporting to the Charity Commission.

4. Active engagement

We organise visits to local community projects so you can meet the causes you are supporting and see the value of their work.

5. Investment management

Our professional investment managers build the value of your fund.

6. Regular feedback

We keep donors updated on the performance of their fund and provide a comprehensive annual statement.

7. Value for money

We are a non-profit charity and provide a comprehensive level of service to our donors for a small contribution towards our core running costs.

8. Long-term effectiveness

Setting up an endowment fund can help to make a real difference to local communities, now and for years to come.

9. Independent and impartial

Aim: to help ensure that your local giving makes a lasting impact in the areas that you care about most.

10. Individual and personal

Every fund established is individual to us and personal to you. Your fund is made-to-measure, to suit your circumstances and meet your local giving priorities.



Mark Carney


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